KBC Music Studio
Singing Voice Specialist
Piano Instructor

Enjoy highly effective, productive, and fun voice or piano lessons from a knowledgeable music educator with over 20 years experience.  I have taught students of all ages, levels, backgrounds and interests. 
  • Do you wish that you could sing anything you wanted with ease?
  • Do you wish you had the stamina to get through a phrase without running out of breath or sing it with more power?
  • Do you want to sing without having to think your voice “will work” this time and not be in pain or hoarse after you sing?
  • Have you damaged your voice in the past and are afraid of hurting yourself again?
If the answer to any of the above is a “YES”, you need to work with a teacher that can help you figure out what to do and I am here to help you!

There are many fine teachers and vocal coaches that can teach someone to sing but there are unfortunately few that understand how to work with voices that have had problems in the past and know how to deal with vocal issues; or have the understanding to hear potential problems that might be brewing in the voice. 

I also have a unique understanding of how to transition between vocal styles and can explain how to do things in a healthy way that will keep you singing.  Whether it is Broadway, classical or pop I can help you be as versatile as you want to be with your singing.

My studio space is centrally located in Woodbridge, New Jersey (Middlesex County) which is easy to get to from Edison, Fords, Iselin, Metuchen, Linden, Rahway, or New Brunswick and connected to all major NJ Roadways (Turnpike, Parkway, 287, Route 1 and 9, Route 35).   

All vocal styles (including, Broadway, classical and pop/rock) and all levels of voice taught.  Age of vocal student will start according to their talent, maturity and attention span.  I have specialized training and expertise working with various vocal issues and can help get your voice back to a healthy/functional place after therapy. 

Voice students will understand how to use their voice most effectively and with complete freedom.   Voice lessons will focus half the time on Repertoire and half the time on Vocal Technique.  Technique will focus on proper body alignment through body work such as Alexander Technique, stretches (through Yoga, etc.) and various other methods.   Breath control and vocal resonance will improve.   Finally figure out that question you keep asking yourself … “why doesn't my voice work the way I want it to?!?!”

Ages for piano lessons are first grade through adult.  For piano lessons I use various methods depending on the students' age and level; including Bastien, Alfred,  Thompson, Schaum, Burnam, Hanon and Heller.   Piano lessons will include proper finger technique and music theory.

For more information and lesson prices please email Kelly at info@kbcmusicstudio.com
(Please specify if you are interested in voice or piano lessons.)  Lessons currently are offered Monday through Fridays in 30 or 45 minute sessions for piano, and 45 or 60 minute sessions for voice.